Our compactors IC, ID and IE series are planned to compact the ground or the material which has been filled up in the trench. The combined action between the pressure exerted on the ground by the excavator arm and the high frequency vibration produced by the vibrator allows it to get the best compaction of the material used to fill the trench.


The hydraulic supply of the IC, ID and IE series takes place through the PTO coupling of the excavator the campactor is mounted on.

the motor is bi-directional and in aluminium.

Drainage is recommended for counter pressures >7 bar. They are equipped with anti-shock and anti-cavitation valves, set as 160 bar, to protect the hydraulic pump from possible damage due to a sudden change in pressure. For maximum performance, our vibratory plates are made with SKF bearings, nuts and fastener.

We’re continually improving the flexibility, efficiency and safety even for smaller excavators.

Save money without sacrificing power and durability! Choose Ghedini hydraulic compactors (hoe-packs).

When operating an excavator in a compacting application, you need to have the right vibrating plate compactor to do the job without wasting any time.

Hydraulic compactors can also be used as a driver for piles, posts, I-beams and more on skid steers, backhoes, mini-excavators, and large excavators.

The Ghedini’s vibrating plate compactors will compact even the most difficult cohesive and granular soils, when you are working on slopes, trenches, or foundations.

Vibrating plate compactors also provide a quick and affordable way to drive wood, aluminum, and steel sheeting, I and H-beams, posts, and pilings.

We specialize in the manufacturing, distribution, sale, and service of machinery attachment and support equipment for construction, landscaping, farming, civil engineering and mining sectors all across Europe and the world.

Thorough compaction of ground is an important aspect for going ground stability. Whether it be soil, asphalt, stone or paving, the Ghedini Attachments’ excavator mounted vibratory wacker plates can densely compact to give the desired finish. With this attachment, compaction can be achieved in the most unfavourable weather conditions. A must have excavator attachment for civil engineers and ground workers.

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