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GHEDINI ATTACHMENTS is always looking for continuous product development to improve customer satisfaction.

Our Hedgetrimmer has a new drive system which reduces the risk of damage to the structure.


Our Hedgetrimmer has a new system to absorb shocks, which reduces the risk of damage to the structure.
The Ghedini Hedgetrimmer is an attachment studied to cut any tree, bush or branch up to a diameter of 4/5 centimeters. It has the advantage of being used both horizontally and vertically, thanks to the Hirth joint.
The BT Hedgetrimmer can be mounted on any type of excavator or mini excavator weighing up to 8 tons; and backhoe loaders.

It is available in 4 working widths:
1200 mm
1500 mm
1600 mm
1800 mm

This product is the right solution for all types of works of  maintenance, reclamation and cutting of hedges and bushes.

New Hedge Trimmer BT75 Ghedini Attachments!

Hedge Trimmer for excavator for professional use and landscape maintenance.

No drain needed. Possibility of 360° rotation through an integrated rod. Max cutting diameter 5 cm. Equipped with anti-shock and anti-cavitation valves.

Equipped with a fixed blade and a mobile blade, they allow you to get a clean and precise cut of the branches.

With a 80 cc pump (500 rpm), our hedge trimmer BT75 can shape hedges and trim trees with high precision.

Every blade tooth can be replaced simply through its nuts, for the highest efficiency and the longest life.

The hedge trimmer BT75 has a working width of 1500 mm and a weight of 95 kg.
Max oil flow 40 l/min.
Max pressure 140 bar.
For excavators with a weight ranging from 2,7 and 5 tons.

Ghedini Attachments offers a wide choice of mowers and other accessories, suitable for different jobs : mowing, trimming, pruning, ditch and canal cleaning.
For every need connected to the earthmoving and agriculture.


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