Ghedini wins in the Hydraulic Hammers category at SaMoTer 2023

Our latest project (Ghedini EPB 48) is the WINNER of the SAMOTER INNOVATION AWARD!

“to be a concrete step towards the electrification of equipment for earthmoving machines”

“for the functional and innovative concept in hydraulic excavator hammers”

“for the simple and achievable idea”

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EPB48 and the other E-Attachments​

The new Ghedini Attachments EPB48 electric hammer for excavators wins the SaMoTer 2023 Innovation award.

The latest project of the E-Attachments series by Ghedini Attachments of Argenta (FE), a new electric hammer designed for excavators, received the prestigious SaMoTer 2023 innovation award for new sustainable technology in the world of accessories for earthmoving machines. The electric hammer and the other accessories in the series are destined to revolutionize the construction sector with efficient and ecological features.

The EPB48 electric hammer is designed to be attached to excavators, allowing for quick and easy demolition of structures and pavements. Unlike traditional hydraulic hammers, the EPB48 runs entirely on electricity, which reduces noise pollution and carbon emissions.

“We are thrilled to receive the Innovation Award for our electric hammer,” says Fabio Ghedini, owner of Ghedini Attachments. “Our team has worked tirelessly to develop a product that is not only efficient but also sustainable. We believe this product will have a significant impact on the construction industry and help reduce the environmental impact of this industry.”

The electric hammer features advanced technology that allows for precision and control, making it an ideal tool for all demolition jobs. It also has a longer life than traditional hydraulic hammers, having fewer wearing parts, which reduces the need for maintenance and replacement.


“We are proud to have developed a product that not only offers excellent performance, but also contributes to a more sustainable future,” continues Fabio Ghedini. “We hope this electric hammer will be widely adopted in the construction industry and inspire other companies to innovate with environmental sustainability in mind.”

The electric hammer will be compatible with a wide range of excavators. For more information, visit the Ghedini Attachments website dedicated to electrics,

E-Attachments are a series of new products Ghedini Attachments has been working on for some time. Projects that the company has faith will become key points on the agendas of all companies in the field that want to remain modern and competitive.

For more than thirty years at the forefront in the design and manufacture of accessories for excavators of all sizes, Ghedini Attachments has successfully reached markets all over the world, but has no intention of limiting itself to the hydraulic equipment market.

Excavators are an essential tool in many construction and earthmoving operations. Traditional fossil fuel engines, in contrast to the utility of excavators, have always been a source of pollution and high operating costs.

The new projects aim to address these issues by developing electrical accessories that can be easily replaced with those with the traditional engine, allowing the excavator to run entirely on electricity.