What an excavator can do with the right hydraulic attachment.

Mini excavator is almost a reductive term nowadays. Excavators of all sizes are being used for more than just actual excavation. Mulching applications, vegetation removal along the roadsides, reach in forest cuttings and capitalizing on nimble mowing maneuverability in high reach jobs. These are just examples of what an excavator can do with the right hydraulic attachment.

Whether it’s eradication of an invasive plant species or wildfire fuel reduction in drier climates, new uses and opportunities for brush cutters attachments are constantly surfacing.

The mass and size of the single tool are selected according to the material to be shredded (prunings, grass, shrubs, twigs, etc.). The tools’ freedom of movement is of vital importance during rotation to effectively absorb shocks with particularly leathery materials, and when there are foreign bodies such as stones, small stumps, etc.

Your mini excavator’s auxiliary hydraulic system specifications determine your compact excavator’s lifting capacity. Focusing on lighter weight brush cutters and flail mowers for a mini excavator will be important to ensure maneuverability, safety and fuel economy.

A brush cutter (sometimes called a rotary mower) can clear dense brush and saplings, in order to prevent forest fires. It is clearly essential to avoid that the fire spreads from the underbrush and shrubs to the higher plants.

Whether you own a full size or a compact skid steer, excavator, backhoe loader or tractor, Ghedini has a model to suit your needs.

Our target is to provide you with the best fit for your operating equipment. Experience the performance and reliability from Ghedini Attachments’ products!

The periodicity of extraordinary maintenance depends, as expected, on the frequency and intensity of the work performed: the elements most involved in terms of replacement are all the parts naturally subject to wear (cutting tools, slides, sealing rings of the hydraulic cylinders, etc.) and hydraulic oil.

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