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Ghedini Brushcutters Wildfire Prevention

In order to prevent forest fires, one of the most important actions is reducing the dry vegetation potentially inflammable.

That is, to limit the presence of shrubs, grass, dry branches and all the inflammable materials.

It is really important to act in advance, in order to prevent the spread of the fire. Fire roads and firebreak lines can be made through the use of bush cutters connected to excavators or any other earth-moving machinery. It’s important to do this kind of job at least twice a year, surely once before summer.

Firebreak lines are adequately planned to stop the continuity of the ground cover. The interventions of thinning and the brushcutting have the common aim to reduce the speed and the intensity of the flames.

It is clearly essential to avoid that the fire spreads from the underbrush and shrubs to the higher plants.

The brushcutters “Ghedini Attachments” are used for the nature preservation all over the world. The vegetation removal and the creation of fire roads is the first line of defense against fire. These firebreak lines are essential also for the handling of personnel and emergency vehicles.

It’s amazing that such hydraulic attachments usually linked to the brushcutting are rather used for its protection. We are proud of the fact that our equipment can prevent damages to the environment, houses and pasture areas.

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Ghedini Brushcutters Wildfire Prevention