The new hydraulic vibrators IP series are planned for the pile driving. The hydraulic supply of the vibrators IP series takes place through the excavator PT0.

The hydraulic vibrators IP series , equipped with their specific device (QP) have been planned for the pile driving without the need to remove the ground in excess. By employing the devices QP at the base of the vibrating plate and laying the compactor IP series at the top of the pile, the combined action between the pressure exerted by the excavator arm on the ground and the high frequency vibrations produced by the vibrating unit allows it to get the vibro pile driving.

Features std Vibro Pile-Drivers

  • The motor is bidirectional and in aluminium.
  • Drainage not needed: it works with only the in and out oil hoses
  • Antishock and anticavitation valves, set to 160 bar , in order to protect the motor from possible damages due to a sudden change in pressure
  • Exclusively built with SKF bearings, rings nuts and lock washers.