The new vibratory plate compactors IC, ID and IE series are planned to compact the ground or the material which has been filled up in the trench. The combined action between the pressure exerted on the ground by the excavator arm and the high frequency vibration produced by the vibrator allows it to get the best compaction of the material used to fill the trench.

The hydraulic supply of IC, ID and IE series takes place through the excavator PT0. It is also possible to use only the vibrator for applications on the riddling buckets and while the concrete is flowing. The vibrator , placed in the middle of the riddling bucket and fed by the excavator PT0, allows it a better result during the material selection and a better distribution of the concrete itself and consequently possible empty areas within the concrete are eliminated.

Features std Vibratory Plates Compactors

  • The motor is bidirectional and in aluminium.
  • Drainage not needed : it works with only the in and out oil hoses.
  • Antishock and anticavitation valves, set to 160 bar , in order to protect the motor from possible damages due to a sudden change in pressure.
  • Exclusively built with SKF bearings, rings nuts and lock washers