GHEDINI ATTACHMENTS is always looking for a continuous products development to improve customer satisfaction.
Our product HEDGE TRIMMER has a new system for shock mitigation , which reduces the risk of damage to the structure.


Ghedini's Hedge Trimmer is a machine planned to cut every kind of tree , bush or branches.

Ghedini Hedge Trimmer has the advantage to be used both in horizontal and vertical way. Hedge Trimmer BT can be set to every kind of excavator or mini excavator with a weight up to 8 tons.

Available in 4 working width:

  • 1200 mm (BT 51,52)
  • 1500 mm (BT 16)
  • 1600 mm (BT 54,55)
  • 1800 mm (BT 57,58)

This product is the right solution to every kind of maintenance green work , hedges cutting , brasches or bushes.


Features Standard Hedge Trimmer

  • Hirth coupling upon request
  • It cuts branches up to 4 cm diameter
  • Without external drain